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consulting services

I have 35 years experience in the capital markets. My career splits neatly as follows:

  • 15 years as a market practitioner; broking, trading and managing money

I managed a small fund, mostly trading yield curves with some directional trades in equities and fx. The strategy is now known as 'global macro'.

So when I found that after a dozen years of trading I wasn't lying on a beach in Bermuda, I decided to change course. And as the adage goes, "those that can, trade, those that can't, consult..."

  • For the last 20 years I've been working as an independent strategic consultant; typically working on large, complex change programmes with a commercial focus

I have worked on numerous major change programmes within Financial Services. The programmes are invariably complex, strategically sensitive and with multipe streams.

I can be deployed in developing the business strategy, detailed design and delivery. 

I usually sit at the heart of a complex programme, reporting to the Accountable Executive. I am very familiar with senior stakeholder management and upward reporting, defining and managing the critical path, identifying risks and developing mitigating actions and delivering to tight timelines. 

Most financial services firms operate in multiple locations so I am adept at working on cross-border issues - this requires an understanding of different legal and regulatory regimes and developing nuanced solutions.

A typical solution design will combine all aspects of the financial services business model and value chain:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Product development across asset class: securities and derivatives, both listed and OTC
  • Distribution, marketing ,sales and e-commerce
  • Target Operating Model design, including the supporting technology and operations
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Business case development
  • Risk management
  • Programme management

In terms of my way of working, I will bring energy and leadership to the programme but as an external it is essential to develop a rappport with line staff, especially where the programme has numerous workstreams and sensitive outcomes.

I am therefore experienced in quickly building relationships and trust across an organisation.

Lastly, I'll tell you the truth as I see it - that's not always comfortable for me or the client but I usually end up with a very close relationship with senior executives because I'm honest, I don't want their job and I don't get involved in internal politics.

Recent work includes:

2014 - 2017 

Numerous high profile market infrastructure projects adressing issues arising from regulatory reform: the design of a new futures market in London, assisting buyside firms prepare for mandatory clearing and the uncleared margin rules. I have also worked on the redesign of the entire market in a Gulf state.

2009 - 2013

I worked at NYSE LIFFE on a series of business development projects. My final role was the clearing migration to ICE Clear Europe.

2006 - 2009

I was involved with a number of Exchange related business development initiatives including at Chi-X and ICAP. 

2003 - 2006

Managing Director of the Futures business at ICAP. 

My book of work also involves advising on corporate transactions and carrying out strategic consultancy assignments. I provide advisory and business development services to Exchanges and Clearing Houses, market infrastructure and e-commerce firms; I have also worked for some of the leading Hedge Funds, CTAs and money managers reviewing their product offering and operational model.

My product experience spans the derivatives markets. I understand the ETD and OTC models intimately and understand the business from all dimensions: buy-side, sell-side, Exchange and service provider. 

I have spent the last few years working on business design projects driven my the regulatory reforms introduced under Dodd Frank and EMIR.