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about jake

Thank you for visiting my website. I want it to be informative, interesting and even occasionally entertaining.

The website is intended to:

  • Promote my business;
  • Explain what I do and how I do it; and
  • Provide a space for me to write about topics of interest, including sport and politics.

What sort of person am I? 

I'm independent minded and I enjoy helping people. My commercial background and range of experiences allow me to deal with complex business issues.

Having been self-employed most of my working life, I am self-reliant, hard working and plain speaking. I'm also analytical and approach issues in a structured and logical way.

The range and diversity of the work I do is interesting and intellectually stimulating. I enjoy building new relationships and I have helped numerous new business ventures to grow and also found jobs for many young and talented people in good companies.

I do school mentoring which is rewarding but also challenging as one tries to find the best approach to guiding others to fulfill their ambitions.

My network extends well beyond my financial services background. If I cannot help you solve the problem, I believe that in the majority of circumstances I will know someone who can.

My real passion is sport - to be more precise, team sport. The team ethic transcends all social barriers and can often bring people together far more effectively than social, community or religious groups.

My View is that a well functioning rugby team comes close to evidencing that socialism can be the most effective form of human organisation.

I have more Views to share but I'll finish this section by saying that I have a degree in Economics, played a little professional cricket and I was elected a Member of the European Parliament in 2019.