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expert witness

I am an experienced Capital Markets practitioner with substantial direct market experience.

My market understanding, breadth of experience, independence and objectivity allow me to offer pertinent expert witness services across a range of complex Capital Markets issues.

I have acted as an Expert Advisor on a number of occasions, and have written a number of reports in CPR Part 35 format.

I have significant 'front office' experience across the principal asset classes; namely, the equity, fixed income, commodity and foreign exchange markets. This knowledge covers cash, securities and derivatives products.

My background and experience as a broker, proprietary trader and derivative fund manager have equipped me with the tools to analyse complex disputes from the perspective of different participants from across the Capital Markets.

This hands-on experience is enhanced by a deep knowledge of market best practice and regulatory obligations. Allied to strong communication skills, this allows me to communicate complex and alien concepts in a clear and concise manner.

In addition to my trading background, I have a strong understanding of the business functions that support the Capital Markets. This expertise spans all business operations; namely, IT (including data management), risk management, treasury and compliance functions. The effective management and control of these business functions is essential to the compliant delivery of financial products and services.

I traded actively in the listed derivatives (or futures) markets and so typically provide expert advisory services in this domain. In addition I have also advised in equity market matters and fund management disputes.

I have broad regulatory experience; as Managing Director of ICAP Futures I had oversight responsibilities for FSA authorised activities and, with NFA Series 30 and 32, I was the branch manager for the UK branch of a US regulated futures broking division.